Financial IT Industry

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Financial Services is one of our key focus areas, where we have built capabilities around Capital Markets and FIX protocol. InSys offers a wide range of services in the following Technology domains of Capital Markets:

a. FIX Protocol
b. Online Trading Systems
c. Order Management System
d. Direct Market Access
e. FIX Implementation
f. Current Market Trend
g. Settlement and Clearing

Our FIX Protocol and Capital Markets service portfolio includes the following:

1. Protocol Engines
a. FIX to CMS Converters and vice versa.
b. Buy Side Fix Engine
c. Sell Side Fix Engine

2. Regulatory Reporting Tools
b. OTS

3. QA
a. FIX Engine Verification
b. OMS Testing Solutions
c. Assess system compliance and manage FIX Certification.

4. Operations Support
a. Trade Desk Support (Technical/Administrative)

Compliance and Risk Management

Banks continue to face pressure from regulators, shareholders and directors to improve their compliance requirements in areas like Basel II, SOX, Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and AML. However, there has been a lack of consensus as to where banks should focus their efforts in meeting these challenges ahead of them. A number of practical considerations constrain banks` compliance development efforts.

A successful compliance implementation requires the ability to take an enterprise wide view of risk events across multiple systems and to deliver highest quality data with complete drill down capabilities into the compliance solution. Apart from Consulting and IT strategy, InSys offers Testing and Data Maintenance for such implementations.

InSys compliance and risk management offerings help you achieve:

  • Risk reduction and compliance with changing local and global requirements
  • Comprehensive services in areas like Testing, ETL, Report Generation, and Audits
  • Improve the operational resilience of IT infrastructure
  • Manage enterprise information to protect privacy, and meet retention, ready-retrieval and other compliance requirements
  • Deliver key benefits in off-shoring including cost reduction and enhanced productivity through joint ownership in creating an ODC

Our work with leading financial institutions for various compliance requirements has fortified our expertise in developing compliance related technology solutions. Our resource pool offers a spectrum of services from consulting to implementation and governance, backed by modern tools and techniques.


InSys has strong expertise in Developing, Implementing, Supporting, Maintaining, and Testing applications that cover a wide range of business processes and functions in the banking area. We have experience of working on full-life cycle and part-life cycle application development models.

About InSys Technologies

InSys Technologies Inc. helps businesses and institutions meet the complex challenges of the technology revolution. We provide a global source of services across the entire Information Technology (IT) spectrum.

Our founding team have more than 35 years of collective experience in providing IT staffing services, Quality Software Solutions, Professional Services, BPO and RPO services to various customers who range from small to big businesses.

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