Healthcare IT Industry

Overwhelmingly, health insurers continue to focus on cutting costs and improving business processes as they seek new solutions to maintain a healthy bottom line in this challenging economy. Now more than ever, health insurers need innovative technologies to help reduce Medical and Administrative Loss Ratios (MLR/ALR), while preparing for healthcare reform and retaining membership to drive profitability.

Our extensive Solutions can help support these critical business efforts. Many times we can reduce core operating costs, which can provide savings that allow the funding of additional strategic initiatives.

Our high-efficiency, high-value solutions include:

  • Business Process Solutions
  • Managed IT Services
  • Applications Services
Business Process Solutions

Health plan administrators must be able to deliver the highest levels of customer service while controlling and managing costs through optimized administration. You can achieve these results through our innovative Business Process Solutions that support:

  • Claims and Encounter Processing
  • ICD-10/5010 Conversion
  • Customer Services
  • Eligibility, Enrollment, and Premium Billing
  • Configuration Services
  • Audit Service
  • Third-party Recovery

Our business analysts, QA Analysts and other IT professionals are experienced in many administrative systems that include but are not limited to: AMYSIS, Facets, EZ-Cap, WGS, Rims, NASCO, QCare, QNXT and ITS

Managed IT Services

Our services assures advanced integration of applications and infrastructure to increase stability, availability, and overall system performance. Our broad range of services and technical expertise coupled with cost-effective global delivery enables healthcare payers to maximize the return on their technology investments and achieve a consumer focus that can increase competitive edge.

Applications Services

To assist with all aspects of business and IT transformation, our Services provide a full array of solutions including:

  • Application development and management
  • Migration/re-engineering services
  • Quality assurance testing and systems integration
  • Development and infrastructure services

About InSys Technologies

InSys Technologies Inc. helps businesses and institutions meet the complex challenges of the technology revolution. We provide a global source of services across the entire Information Technology (IT) spectrum.

Our founding team have more than 35 years of collective experience in providing IT staffing services, Quality Software Solutions, Professional Services, BPO and RPO services to various customers who range from small to big businesses.

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