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Temporary staffing: a smart strategy

Flexible temporary staffing ensures you are never understaffed or underutilizing your personnel. By supplementing your core of full-time employees with skilled temporary workers, you can overcome challenges like cost containment and fluctuations in workload. When demand is up, you can count on your temporary workforce to help. And when demand drops, you can adjust your temporary workforce - not your full-time staff - and avoid morale problems.

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The nature of the staffing industry is to continuously network with prospects, clients and candidates, offering services and suggestions that continually replenish its resources. Because staffing services are in the business of matching candidates and companies, the relationships built are usually in-depth and on-going. Search professionals, therefore, have a continuous resource of candidates from which to draw.

A qualified recruiter has the time, resources and incentive to check deeper, test further, and evaluate with more scrutiny each candidate they propose. There are staffing services, which have developed special computerized skill assessment systems to test candidates and ensure the level of proficiency they profession. There are recruiters who request five or more reference checks be completed prior to any interview taking place. Still others verify qualification and certifications. The good ones do all this, and more.

For these reasons, we can complement your search and dramatically enhance the level of candidates you interview. Plus, most work on a straight contingency basis, so it won't cost you anything unless you hire one of our candidates. Consider using a specialized staffing firm if you are seeking candidates with special skills such as Quality Assurance, Business Analysis and a few others among information technology professionals.

These days, even if you're tightening budgets or downsizing full-time staff, chances are your workload isn't getting smaller - you're just doing the same amount of work, or more, with less. That's why, even though times aren't great, it is a great time to consider temporary staffing.

Temporary professionals can help you keep costs down and productivity up by providing:


Whether you need to fill temporary or direct-hire positions, we understand exactly what you do and can help you find what you're looking for. Our services include:

  • Recruiting
  • Screening

Before you ever see our candidates, we've already put in hours, days and weeks networking, recruiting, and screening hundreds of job seekers - many of whom you would not be able to access on your own. So you see only the very best.

Our trained recruiters:

  • Have significant experience in and knowledge of the IT recruitment industry
  • Understand your requirement inside and out
  • Understand the skill sets you need and can help you determine the right job specifications
  • Used well established quality networking relationships through our various partner companies in order to source the right match in short time

With the help of various associated technology professionals and various online skills assessment systems, we can screen candidates on the latest software packages and specialized skills, so you know that you're getting the best. We can analyze each candidate's skills and rate them either "Basic", "Intermediate", or "Advanced", by specific category.

More productivity

Think about it - temporary employees usually don't participate in unnecessary meetings or have strong social relationships with their co-workers. Since they're free from many of the distractions that can make other workers less efficient, temporary employees can deliver tremendous cost savings and significant increases in output.

In addition, it is incredibly inefficient to under staff or underutilizes your existing personnel. When workers put in long hours, there is a greater chance they will make errors and their productivity will drop leading to more costs and compromised quality.

More savings

Even in this down economy, benefit costs continue to soar. With temporary associates, you don't absorb these costs as you would with full-time employees, which helps you save substantially.

More flexibility

You know your business has dips and peaks in its workload - especially in this environment. However, when you add full-time staff, you need to expend time and resources to bring them up to speed. And when you reduce your full-time workforce, you run the risk of causing dips in morale.

Using temporary employees during peak times, such as tax season or year-end close, helps you handle the increased workload without the fixed costs associated with full-time employees.

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