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U.S. telecom industry is the most prosperous telecommunication industry in the world, which covers a wide range of areas and services like telephone, television, Internet, radio and so many. U.S. telecom industry primarily deals with the services of transmitting message through mediums like cables, satellites etc.

Components and services of U.S. telecommunications industry

Components and services of U.S. telecommunication industry include wireless technologies, digital technologies and mobile network services. Wireless technology is a form of technology for data communication without wires, which is alternatively called radio transmissions. This technology is more affordable and easy to use. American engineers started using digital technology from the mid-twentieth century and with the use of ISDN(Inter Services Digital Network), information will be transmitted in a completely digital fashion.

Wireless Telecommunications

The world of wireless telecommunications continues to expand rapidly. New ways of delivering service, highly heterogeneous network technologies, and increasingly sophisticated services and customers demand Operational Support Systems capable of capturing and processing this information. Convergent Mediation for mobile, 2.5G, 3G, 4G and IP networks is the most critical component of any carriers Operations and Business Support Systems.


InSys (with a possible tie-up with a major wireless telecom business service provider) is capable of providing the critical functions of convergent mediation required in the wireless networks of today:

  • Using plug-ins as collection agents, the Data Acquisition Portal captures data from any network element.
  • The Business Processing Framework provides an environment where both basic and complex business rules can be implemented.
  • The Data Distribution Portal also uses plug-ins to move data throughout the business.

The arrival of broadband wireless services has massively increased the burden on mediation platforms in 3G and 4G networks. Data acquisition from many different network elements, and large volumes of information are just two of the problems.

Scalable applications are critical. These challenges could be addressed with Smart Distribution, a software architecture that allows to combine centralized and distributed platforms.


Duplicate data and partial events are a common cause of revenue leakage in mobility networks and are amplified in 3G and 4G implementations. equitably addresses These common issues could be equitably addressed by assembling Next Generation Network data into high-quality records - even in high volume environments.


Operators who have undergone mergers and acquisitions are encountering the staggering realization that they must manage multiple Operational Support Systems, particularly their mediation systems and processes. In many cases, the operator discovers that each Line of Business or service creator, who assumed platforms that produce non-traditional formatted data, require unique mediation platforms.

With the introduction of distributed, component-based architecture, the need for multiple mediation platforms is eliminated. The integration is done without regard to the network vendor, the interface, the protocol, or the format of data.

Benefits Realized:

  • Increased revenues
  • Eliminates leakage introduced by disjointed systems and processes of legacy architecture
  • Rules based mediation enables swift product implementations
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Fragmentation of system administration eliminated
  • Minimizes resource requirements for data acquisition and mediation
  • Significantly reduces maintenance costs

As wholesale roaming agreements become increasingly complex and competitive, and evolve as interconnect agreements have, it becomes indispensable for the mobile telecom operator to be able to manage them within the operators wholesale billing system.

InSys (with a possible tie up with a major wireless telecom business service provider) is capable of offering a powerful and flexible solution designed to meet and support the needs of international and domestic inter-operator roaming settlements of GSM and non-GSM (e.g. operators using CDMA/TDMA technology) mobile operators across the world.


As users demand more services (and thus more bandwidth) the need for real-time unified event processing has intensified. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) and Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems (UMTS) networks require that information is collected from the Serving GPRS Service Node (SGSN) and the Gateway GPRS Service Node (GGSN) so that the usage of the broadband mobile network can be accounted for. The interface to the GGSN and the SGSN requires the use of the GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP).


Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) are the future for message services in both GSM and UMTS networks. They provide network operators with a major revenue stream for content-based services. MMS with its text, picture, audio and video offerings is the natural progression from Short Messaging Service (SMS) based product offerings. The challenge facing the network operator is to deploy services that are widely utilized by mobile subscribers and hence provide the operator with a rapid return on investment.

Operators are becoming the focal point for content-based MMS services selected by subscribers at the same time as their basic mobile service. Rapid activation of subscribers on the MMSC is required to ensure MMS is instantly available to new and existing subscribers.


InSys readily supports the growing interests and revenue potentials of WI-FIs.

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